Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pool

I'm very fond of this one. He captured my mom perfectly.

I stood before her and said, "Hello,"
And suddenly was startled.
She was quite pretty, no cameo,
But her eyes - I was engulfed.
Wisdom, trust, kindness, but above all
Innocence held me in thrall.

Forty five years we have shared our lives.
In wonder I have witnessed
Strangers meet her and become captives,
Then open their most cherished
Inner selves for her calm perusal.
No thought of a refusal.

The why and wherefores I cannot ken,
But the evidence is there.
I can't question what my eyes have seen
And shared with my lady fair.
Some say they know, it's called empathy.
I know what it's meant to me.

The depths of the simplicity stirs,
Calling to the primal spurs.
Pure, undemanding, understanding,
Wholly a sense of sharing.
A gift given to only a few,
Awareness of me and You.

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