Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Corporate Party

This one I love for the language...and picturing my Dad standing on the side, watching.

The man with the slicked down hair,
Ottered into the nearest chair.
A sharp faced rodent-like woman
Scurried to seem collegian.
A lion maned executive
Succeeded in acting restive.
The boredom was palpably real
Conditions were less than ideal.
Inanity was the watchword,
Truth struggled in vain to be heard.

The hyenas laughed in chorus
Both timorous and dolorous.
The climbers foxed, senses alert,
Seeking quarry, seeming pert.
The cheshire smiles were vacuous,
The observations fatuous.
The wise owled into the background,
The naive into the foreground.

Danger tigered the occasion
Mendacity stalked evasion.
Careers moled into the deep dark
Having caught the eye of a shark.
Pleasantries snaked in disguise
Mendacity lobstered crabwise.
Presence had been mandatory -
Truth stayed clear - supererogatory.

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